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Therapy for Individuals and Families
Domestic Violence

For the victim:
Abuse can happen to anyone. Our experienced therapists can help victims of abuse recognize the abuse and take steps towards safety and recovery. We can coordinate care between state agency case workers, medical providers, and attorneys. Together we can overcome these devastating challenges. 

For the Offender: 
You can change if you want to. This starts with recognition of your actions and the effects they have had on your victim. Together we can discover your triggers and overcome the lack of control. Violence always ends with serious consequences. We offer full domestic violence evaluations and can create a treatment plan that will help you become the best you can be.



We offer Group therapy for Domestic Violence:

Satisfy your court requirements by attending our on-going Domestic Violence Group on Tuesday evenings, beginning August 20, 2019 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM. $40.00 per group. Come 15 minutes early to make sure you receive credit for your time. Call us today for registration and schedule.


How do I schedule a court ordered Domestic Violence Evaluation?

      1.  Obtain a copy of your own criminal history record and the police report from your recent incident. 
      2.  Print a copy of your court order/referral

3.  Call (801) 302- 3801 to schedule an evaluation with one of our DV Certified Professionals.

      4.  Come to your appointment with both required documents (1 & 2) and be prepared to pay for the evaluation up-front. The cost is $185.00. Most insurances do not cover treatment related to domestic violence. (Financial assistance is offered to those who qualify, see below

Where to obtain a copy of your Utah criminal history:

Cost: $15.00 – Mail in a request, with an online form, to BCI. Click on website http://bci.utah.gov/criminal-records/ for forms. 
obtain a copy in person, go to the BCI office at: 
Bureau of Criminal Identification
3888 West 5400 South
SLC, UT  84129
Phone: (801) 965-4445
Fax: (801) 965-4749



Please fill out our intake packet and bring the signed forms to your first appointment.  

Click here, Intake paperwork and 
questionnaires related to the DV Evaluation.

Some questionnaires will be given at your appointment.  All forms can be filled out in our office.  If you plan to complete paperwork in our office, please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. 


Do we offer financial assistance?  
We do offer a sliding scale program for clients with a court order for treatment and are a part of a low income household.  Call today to see if you qualify